Readers Comments

Ken Lawrence in El Cajon, CA wrote:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book, and it's so amazing and powerful! I can't imagine ANYONE going through what you did without the Lord. He has done a mighty work in your life, and I'm very glad others may share in it through your book! What a blessing, to have Rick! Your childhood family and your current extended family are such precious blessings! Even though disabled parking spaces and other positive changes have been around for some time now, I still am appalled at how many able-bodied people disregard and/or flaunt them. And to think you had to go through that earlier time before such accommodations were made! You are certainly one strong lady!

Janice Askwith, in Jacksonville, FL wrote:
Sharon struggles with polio and the faith it took to climb the mountain of everyday life. Trusted love, betrayal, courage to go it alone in the valley of life. A test of leaning on God for the answers to why me? I found her writings to touch my life and that of my family. I felt as if it were me dealing with that entire trauma and hedging forward when you would want to give up. I found myself cheering her on. Never to look back and go forward. Praying that one more day of strength would open new doors in the days to come. I rejoiced with her moving forward with a mission toward God’s plan to comfort her and give her the peace and rest in all she would accomplish in the life she was handed. Compelling and challenging. I would simply say to all of you, “I dare you to read THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE.”

Sheila Kilgore, in Jacksonville, FL wrote:
Someone recently recommended that I read a new book on the market, “Through it All, He was There” by Sharon Libby.  It is a story about a polio survivor.  Being a polio survivor myself, I was intrigued by the book.  As I began reading, I was drawn into the book and into Sharon’s life.  It is a well written book about her struggles with a handicap and her life choices. The two things she has as a constant in her life are her family support and her faith. If you have a handicap and struggle in your daily faith, you will be able to identify with Sharon. Even if you do not have a handicap, you will enjoy the book. It is truly an inspiring story and well worth reading.

Helen M., in Richland, Washington, wrote:

Wow! What a book about life. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially to those going through a hard time and wondering if God is there for them.

Tom Guenther in Raleigh, North Carolina wrote:

Sharon Libby's book "Through It All, He Was There" is a real eye opener.  It truly outlines the trials, tribulations, and challenges that she faced throughout her life as a disabled person.  It gave me a much greater understanding and compassion for those who are disabled and how important it is for us as a society to recognize and accommodate their special needs.

Dale & Laura Landon, in Richland, Washington, wrote:
THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE, is an incredible well-written story; filled with emotion. To read Sharon's faith journey as she went from being very sad; going through one tragic experience after another, was a true witness as to how the human spirit can prevail. Sharon had the deep love of her caring family which was a remarkable witness to what family really means when the chips are down. After years of searching, to be blessed with her husband, Rick, and her abiding love of God is a witness for all of us to read about. As her book title says, "Through it all, He was there, and HE WAS!" Order your copy today; you won't be disappointed.

Kathie Blackett, in Chino, California, wrote:

Sharon's book is the most inspiring book I have read and I read a lot. I could not put it down. I am a polio survivor with post polio syndrome. Her book makes one think about our faith in God and re-evaluate our value of family. Her constant faith in God when going through her trials was something of awe. How courageous she is!

Linda Neu, in Washington State, wrote:
Sharon Libby's book, THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE, is truly an inspiring book. I found that the book also helped me heal as it did its author. Continually, I was reminded that it is all right to fail at things in life and that those failures never really define who we wholly are; they are all a part of  the greater process of what we can be and who we will become.

This book's most poignant reminder to all of us is that God is always there; even when hidden and unseen. He is there in those rare moments when we see His love expressed through others who come in and out of our lives for only brief moments in time. In His presence of Love, we also learn to understand and embrace His greatest gift to us.
As a person who had little exposure to people with disabilities, this book opened my eyes to the many challenges and barriers that I fortunately did not have to overcome in my life. This book awakened in me a greater understanding for those in our society who are disabled. Sharon Libby's book is a strong voice for all of us to hear; and, on so many levels, it is an outstanding book to read!

Merv & Jeanine Schlichter, in Las Vegas, Nevada wrote:

Even though we have been friends for years, your book has enlightened us beyond belief. You have always been an inspiration to us. Through all your many trials you trusted God knowing that He would see you through whatever you had to deal with at the time. THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE, is a wonderful, personal story of a life of faith. This book is not only inspiring to those that are disabled, but to those of us who have been more fortunate and have not had to deal with a disability. We will always be grateful for the many times when you, Sharon, have demonstrated your love and faith to us.

David Baker, in Port Orchard, WA wrote:
My Mom is my hero. Wonder why? Just read her new book and find out. She always taught me I could do anything I put my mind to and you know what; she was right. With God on my side and my Mom as an example is it any wonder why she's my hero. Growing up I never really thought of her as handicapped. As for me, there was nothing I didn't think my Mom could do and today, as an adult, serving the disabled, I was right. Looking for an adventure of faith, hope, and love? Then pick up her book, THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE. Journey with her and the Lord and together I know your life will be touched.

Debbie Macomber, in Port Orchard, WA wrote:
It's a joy to know when God uses us to help others and your story told in THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE is sure to do that. May God continue to bless you and your outreach to those on the path to finding Him.

Beverly in Seaside Park, NJ wrote: 
Your book, for me, was inspiring and enlightening. I knew about your disability but not the details of your brave life. It certainly does say a lot about FAITH and letting go and letting God handle whatever situation arises. I commend you for this and the positive message you tell in your book THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE.  I also want to share with you that I'm a recovering alcoholic. I just celebrated nine years sobriety, so I know personally about putting my FAITH in God. Congratulations on your book!

Susan Faulkner, in Kennewick, Washington, wrote:

Leaving herself completely vulnerable, Sharon Libby has written her life story in such a way that it embraces the reader and keeps them connected. As you read “Through It All, He Was There” you become attached to her tragedies and triumphs and you look forward to how each tale unravels to bring her closer to God. So many questions I’ve never asked a disabled person were answered in her book. It was refreshing to live Sharon’s testimony as each life changing event created another opportunity for her to learn more about her Lord and Savior. If you have ever wondered what everyday life is like for a disabled person, or if you want to rejoice in God’s almighty powers, or if you are wondering what changes salvation can have in your life, read “Through It All, He Was There."

Tony Valdez, in Richland, Washington, wrote:

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday was a perfect time to read THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE by Sharon Libby. I have a soft spot for people who win through tough odds and this book was not a disappointment.
Sharon stitches together a very tragic life story of being stricken with a disability as a child and all that plagued her. Struggling with obstacles in a world not ready for disabled people and leaning on her faith will take readers on a roller coaster of emotions throughout her life. Through it all, Sharon's inspiration of determination, loving family and continued faith in God brings her to a place of hope and triumph. This is not only a must read for people who are disabled, but everyone. Truly an informative and inspiring read that will stay with me.

Charlie & Sandy Chandler, in Washington State, wrote:

The testimony of one person's difficult journey through faith is told to bring others to Christ. A normal child was struck with a debilitating illness at an early age. Why not a lifetime of bitterness and distrust? "God works in wondrous ways His miracles to perform." Because of a family of faith, God's great devotion to all His children, and the love of Christ, a full life has been lived. Truly an inspiring read for all.

Mary H., in Washington State, wrote:
I literally could not put this book down. To see Sharon's faith was an inspiration. A GREAT read for all.

Dan & Elsie, in Burleson, Texas, wrote:
THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE is a wonderful account of living a life of faith in spite of severe adversity.  It is a book of encouragement and reassurance for all. It is a true account written from Sharon's heart.  Sharon shows "Adversity is inevitable - stress is optional."

Diane A., in Washington State, wrote:

When I started this book I could NOT put it down! This book is a page turner from beginning to end. An inspiration to all who read it.