1980 - David graduates high school.  

written by Sharon Libby 

I am not a creature from another planet;
I still have feelings.
Even though I am viewed, by many, as different;
I still share the same needs and feelings as others do.

If you have a problem with my SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES,
Please don’t shut me out…
Instead, ask me some questions;
so you’ll understand my situation better.

When you look at me don’t put me in a “basket,”
but, look at me as a learning experience for yourself.
Don’t be afraid that you will say, or do something wrong;
but, allow me to be part of your life if God so directs.

Always remember that handicapped people are God’s choice;
for a special mission here on this earth.
And, even though we are not totally aware of all He is
trying to say through our presence;

I MUST believe and ALWAYS will believe that…

Rick and I celebratefor our 15th Wedding Anniversary.

About Sharon & Photos

October 1949-First time sitting up by myself in Bergen Pines Hospital in New Jersey.
A gift from God. My son, David, born July 1962.
Exercising in pool in newly remodeled basement at home in Clifton, New Jersey.
1956 - Junior High graduation picture. 



I am a homemaker and mother of two grown sons. I contracted polio at the age of six and I have been confined to a wheelchair for over 50 years. I was a co-owner of a consulting business in California and served on the Board of the Post Polio Network of San Diego County. I am an advocate for the disabled whenever the need arises. In the mid 1980's, I had a poem published in THE AMERICAN POETRY ANTHOLOGY titled, HANDICAPPED? WHAT’S THAT? I am an active member in my church at Central United Protestant Church in Richland, WA, where my husband and I have lived since July 2005.     

1966 - Me with Chuck, David, and Neil. 
Helix High School graduation pictures of my brother, Neil, (aka "My Big Protector") and me in June of 1960. 


1968 - Chuck and I ready to leave for church on Easter Sunday.
1982 - Rick's daughters graduate high school.
All ready to attend my senior prom.
Exercising with Mother.
Nana and Granddad relaxing in their new home in La Mesa, California.
Me singing and playing the accordion during a show.
1976 - Nana and Granddad celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary. What a joyous day that was for all of us! 
1985 - David graduates college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. 
My grandparents: Nana and Granddad.
Granddad, on his Harley Davidson, while serving as a police officer in Garfield, New Jersey.
These three men have had such an influence in my life: My first-born son, David, my second-born son, Neil, and my twin brother, Neil, who I still refer to as "My Big Protector."
Enjoying the sand and sun at La Jolla Shores.
April 1950 - With my  twin brother, Neil, on Easter Sunday.
1985 - Neil graduates high school.  
A balancing act that required a lot of precision.
David at 3 months.
1971 - Mother and Daddy celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary.  
October 1966 - Nana and Granddad celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Another gift from God. My son, Neil, born July 1963.
2010 - Rick, the love of my life, and I celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.
Neil at 3 months.

written by Sharon Libby
The sun comes up; the sun goes down and
our world is falling apart.
Parents hurting children; children hurting parents.
The cries of pain are all around us.
Blacks against whites; Whites against blacks with
gangs controlling our streets.
Will peace ever come back to those that are crying?

The parents cry out; the children cry out.
The police cry out; our courts cry out.
No one is listening; no one is hearing.
I cry out, “WHERE DID GOD GO?”
Reach down deep inside yourself because:
God's love is still in our hearts.
God's love is still in our minds.

God's love is still deep within our soul.
Can we ever get God back?
Let God control your world and you will cry no more.
Then let the sun come up; let the sun go down
and reach out every day to God,
so He can turn your world around.

 "Thank you Jesus for always being  there, even when I didn't realize it."
Using a rowing machine.
1972 - Our children ready for Christmas Eve service at church.
1970 - Rick and I get married, in La Mesa, at my parent's home.
Brotherly LOVE!
Mother, Daddy, David, and Neil are joining us for church on Easter Sunday.
1952 - Mother and Daddy in front of our new home in La Mesa, California.  
My boys and Rick's girls enjoying a day at Sea World in San Diego, California.
1964 - David and Neil with my mom at Waddell's Trailer Park.   
Celebrating 7th Birthday in the hospital.
2005 - Here I am shoveling snow in Richland, Washington. I try to live my life by saying, "Never say never." 
1953 - I joined The Wheelacade.  I'm (front-left) doing a novelty dance on the rear wheels of my wheelchair.
Exercising with Daddy. 
David riding his Harley Davidson, just like his great-grandfather did over 50 years ago.