Marie Chapian, Ph.D.
Christian author and speaker

"Sharon Libby has a story to tell, and one that will touch every reader's heart.  Sharon proves that through pain and the suffering of her physical limitations there is triumph, joy, and a productive and dynamic life. THROUGH IT ALL... is a heart-rending and inspiring testimony of the faithfulness and power of God in the life of one very courageous woman."

Marie Chapian, has been a friend and an inspiration to me for over 20 years. You may view her website and a list of her books at

is dedicated by Sharon Libby:

To my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would have never survived the many challenges I have had to face throughout my life.

To Rick, my husband, who showed me the true meaning of unconditional love.
To my sons, David and Neil, without whom, my life would not be complete.


Pastor Orval C. Butcher, Founding minister of Skyline Weslayan Church, Lemon Grove, California

"It is my conviction that this book should be read by everyone to help them understand the emotional testing of a person who experiences the trauma of being stricken with a disability as a child.  Imagine the FRIGHT of a six-year-old paralyzed and unable to walk due to polio... the indescribable value of FAMILY, parents and grandparents, unfailing support... then a lonely 15-year-old with FAULTY discernment in making marriage decisions... at that time FAVORED with two precious boys... then experienced the sense of absolute FRUSTRATION when neglected by the church and Christian friends... but had constant hope of FAITH in the Word of God... then divine FULFILLMENT of marital happiness. The reading of this book will give you a new focus on the power and enabling of our Lord."

The mission of my book, THROUGH IT ALL, HE WAS THERE, is to reveal my life's remarkable faith journey in learning to accept the will of God, trust His guiding hand, and embrace His powerful love; and, to show how a handicapped person can learn to accept and to overcome the many adversities that challenge the disabled every day in an able-bodied world.